Armpit Femdom

Slaves forced to lick, smell and kiss sexy armpits

Mistress Lenny wanted to humiliate her horny neighbor just for fun. Her neighbor had a crush on her and she knew it. But she did not feel the same way. Since she did not have much to do, the mistress felt that she could take advantage of her neighbor to have fun. And that is what she did as she teased him, turned him on and she made him lick her sweaty armpits.

This guy had info that mistress Natasha wanted. But he had refused to give it to her even when she promised to pay for it. He could sense she was desperate and he wanted to make her even more desperate. But he did not realize that the same desperation would make her force him to do what she wanted. And so the mistress choked the guy and got the information for free.

This mistress wanted to be licked and so she made sure that it was done professionally. To this end, the mistress asked him to start with her shoes and bae feet before she graduated him to lick her sweaty armpits. When he was done with armpits, he was asked to lick her ass and the cycle went on and on as he was embarrassed and taught to behave in a better manner.

Mistress Natasha had grown tired of the childish way her boyfriend acted and she felt that it was time he changed and became a responsible person. So she forced him to lick them after she choked him with her strong arms. He regretted what he had done and he knew she was not to be messed with. That is how he came to change and do the right things always.

This mistress wanted to have her armpits to be licked and this guy did it without even knowing he was being manipulated to do it. The mistress teased him and she got him turned on after which he easily became did what she asked him to lick her armpits and he did it like an expert even though it was his first time doing so. The mistress had a memorable time at his expense.

Mistress Kira wanted to test this slave using armpit fetish and she loved it to the extent that it became a regular thing for her and she enjoyed doing it all over again. The mistress made the poor guy endure licking sweat from her armpits and when he was done, she did not even allow him to wash his mouth the way he was dying to do. Needless to say, he learned his lesson.

Princess Kate wanted to dominate this guy for being forgetful and also being moody. She felt that it was unprofessional for him to behave like that and so she punished him. The mistress went out for a jog and she came back sweaty. Then she used her sweaty armpits to dominate and humiliate. She made him lick her armpits until they were all clean the way she wanted them to be.

Mistress Madison had gotten home and she did not feel like going to shower. She wanted her sweaty armpits cleaned but she did not want them cleaned with water yet. So she asked her slave to do it with his mouth and his tongue and he had no choice but lick them clean. He was degraded like never before but that did not make much of a difference in her plans for him.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to shock her boyfriend because she felt that he had taken a lot of things for granted and he needed to be punished for it. So the mistress used her armpit femdom to punish him. He had to lick her sweaty armpits and when he was done, he was scared of her and did not want to piss he off out of fear of what she could.

When her husband took things for granted, lady Scarlet had to show him what would happen in such a case. So she turned him into her armpit slave and she made sure he licked her sweaty and dirty armpits clean. It was humiliating so that he learned how not to take her or anything else for granted. He quickly learned his lesson so that it did not happen to him again.